पोर्टेबल यूएसबी बाहरी लैपटॉप एयर कूलर

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सामान का सुनिश्चित वर्णन:
  • रेडिएटर प्रकार: एयर कूल्ड
  • पैकेज: हां
  • Application Laptop Size: All Size Laptop
  • Type: Single Fans
  • यूएसबी पोर्ट्स: 1
  • Material:  ABS+Metal
  • आयाम: 176 86 * * 52mm
  • Fan Speed: 1300-3000±10%RPM
  • वोल्टेज: 5V डीसी
  • Current: 0.4±10% A
  • पावर: 2W
  • Max Airflow: 21.35CFM

मुख्य विशेषताएं:

  • Small and portable self-designed vacuum laptop cooler. 
  • Fast cooling at least 20 degrees.
  • Unique design game style cooler
  • Manual fan speed switch.

उपयोग युक्तियाँ:

  • Begin to use, in order to fast cooling, open to the largest (3000 RPM), temperature drop down, About 15 minutes, transferred to the minimum (1500 RPM) remains constant, so that we can keep in a reasonable working temperature, and can prolong the service life and lower noise.
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Very well packed. The parcel arrived quickly. Very pleased. A little noisy but it does. All included in the photo

ए जे

Just very good! Arrived in perfect condition, in 19 days to northern Brazil. Working 100%


I take it for the second laptop, very satisfied. Works. Knock down the temperature at 10 degrees on average both on the video card and on the processor. Especially helps with games in a warm room at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. But this does not cancel the replacement of thermal paste and timely cleaning from dust.


Pour l'instant pas de problème ça baisse la température de 7 à 8 degré et ça va niveau bruit je recommande


It looks great, a little big but good, ha It took less than a week, I haven't tried it yet. I hope it does its job. It seems to work though much does not cool the truth!

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